Nov 20 2013

Beetle John

SkaDaMo day 20

Decided to stone two kills with one scribble. Doodle day challenge for today is “beetle” so here is my distortion of a perfectly good topic.

pencil sketch, portrait, John Lennon, cartoon, kevin parks art

Beetle John

With apologies to Rick Griffin & John Lennon.

Nov 19 2013

Gravy Train

SkaDaMo day 19

If you get lost on your way back to Alpha Centauri you can always pull over and ask for directions and fill up your tank. I think these erm, boys just like the cozy atmosphere of greasy spoons and truck stops, oh and thier space craft happens to run on gravy.

pencil sketch, alien, post it, cartoon, kevin parks art,

Brother can you spare some gravy?

Nov 7 2013

Mug Shot

SkaDaMo Day 7

I know, three days in and I have already resorted to a bad pun. It’s been a long day, I hope to do better tomorrow. I won’t blame you if you punt this post.

mug shot, pun, pencil sketch, post it, kevin parks art, humor,

mug shot, pun intended

Nov 6 2013


Kirk & Gorn

Gorn With the Wind

SkaDaMo Day 6
Remember that crazy Star Trek episode where Kirk had to fight the Gorn, the slow motion lizard-man? You don’t? Well go find it on the inter-webs you won’t be dissssappointed. Anyway they were both set up on this planet to fight to the death and I started wondering what the Gorn left behind to fight Kirk I mean he must have had a girl friend right? So naturally I had to draw this, a she-Gorn. Isn’t she lovely? -Live long and perspire.

Constance the Gornette, pencil sketch, star trek, kevinparks, artist, gorn

Constance the Gornette


Nov 5 2013


Well here it is day 5 and I’m just getting started sheesh. I’ve been lost in the figurative wilderness the last few days but I’ll try to keep up as much as I can. I have way to much going on this month but I’d hate to miss out on all the fun.

pencil sketch, portrait, cartoon, animated gif, kevin parks artist

The Great Skadamo


Nov 30 2012

SkADaMo Day 30

Looks like we made it through the month. 30 days 27 posts and 32 sketches. Not bad for a first skadamo run -not a great finish but a respectable one. I wanted to say thanx to the other Skadamites for their encouragement and friendship I plan to keep tabs on you folks, it has been a good ride and I hope I can keep this momentum for a while. So speaking of which; I’m sticking with the “Dog Run” of the last few days I’ll leave you with this charming fellow.

dog, driving, car, sketch, skadamo

whadaya mean it's over? -we just got here!

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Nov 29 2012

SkADaMo Day 29

This is the black dog. keep clear of him if you can. He may look friendly and easy to handle but he will ruin your life if you let him in.

black dog, sketch, depression, skadamo

bad dog


more skadamo but only one day left :.(

Nov 28 2012

ScADaMo Day 28

Been crazy busy this week sorry I missed yesterday, It couldn’t be helped. I gotta get the payin’ gigs out the door first. But here’s a fresh one right off the still smokin’ pencil. I just started scratching at the sketch pad and wound up with a dog in space. Yeah I have no idea either but here you go free of charge and worth every penny you paid for it.

space dog, sketch, skadamo, sci-fi

First arrival on planet K-9

Nov 26 2012

SkADaMo Day 26

Can’t seem to get to the drawing board today (truthfully I did but I can’t show anything till the project is done, but that is just between you and me) so here are 2 pages of brainstorming from a while back for a kid’s menu. Since it is the aftermath of Thanksgiving, leftovers seem apropos. I will serve up something fresher tomorrow. -ciao

cartoons, hot dogs, sketch, Skadamo, monkeys and bear

cartoons, hot dogs, sketch, Skadamo, monkey and kids

Hey there are no rules. More Skadamo here


Nov 25 2012

SkADaMo Day 25

I haven’t done a post-it peep for a while so here is today’s offering.

sketch, felt pen, SkADaMo, post-it

Don't ask don't tell

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