Artistís Bio:
My name is Kevin Parks. I grew up in my father's studio, who was among other things a master serigraph printer of fine art editions, so I was always surrounded by great images and the smell of fresh ink. Although I studied art & illustration at Cal. State, I'm primarily self-taught I was the kid in class that never stopped doodling. My professional background is in graphic design where I have designed and/or illustrated books, posters, packaging and fine art prints. I also create work for the occasional group art show. I currently operate as a freelance designer/illustrator residing in Ventura, Ca. I'm the father of two lovely and talented daughters.

Artistís Statement:
My intention with creating art is to capture glimpses of the spiritual aspects of life. I enjoy painting, graphic design and illustrating immensely but my first love is drawing. The act of drawing for me is the most direct connection to my creative impulses and where I am more likely to indulge my sense of humor. I have been drawing since I could hold a pencil and will continue to draw as long as I can get my hands on graphite.

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