May 27 2010


My first stab at Illustration Friday. The theme this week is “Early”

His name is Earl and I was feeling a little -wait for it…  “Early”  so I sketched this up.     Um, sorry.

May 24 2010

Happy B-Day Bob

Today is Bob Dylan’s Birthday, a time for rejoicing and celebration.
This sketch was done a few years ago when I learned one of his aliases was record producer Jack Frost. Another of his aliases of course was actually Alias which always impressed me for some reason.
Bob Dylan as Jack Frost

May 20 2010

Post-It Peeps 4

Here are a few old ones from the sketchbooks.

May 16 2010

Post-It Peeps 3

Here’s a few more post-it doodles. Our theme for this evening: Big Hair.

May 12 2010

Post-It Peeps 2

Here are a few more post-it doodles

May 11 2010

Frank Frazetta RIP

I just found out Frank died about 10 hours ago. He was a legend and one of my art heros, he seemed like a really decent man and a monster talent who influenced several generations. He will be sorely missed.

LA Times Obituary

Frank Frazetta Museum

Above is “Silver Warrior” -one one of my all time favorite Frazetta paintings.

May 10 2010

Love & Theft

Okay this is just too cool. I found this on the Drawn! site. It’s a film by Andreas Hykade, in the National Film Board of Canada competition and it reminds me of my miss-spent youth attending all those animation festivals back in the day. Be warned there are a few abstract naughty bits.

May 7 2010

Post-It Peeps

One of my favorite things to do is doodle on post-it notes, here are a few I liked enough to stick into a sketch book, hope you likes.

May 2 2010

DJ Gray

Not new but my niece asked about this one a few weeks ago so when I came across it recently I knew I had to post it. Originally these were studies for a toy package.

This ones for you Mady!