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  • Trance Says:

    Great site you have here but i seem to be having a problem downloading your RSS feed. Everytime i click it it comes up with error 547. It might be my own Laptop. I have Windows 2000 with bullguard firewall. Im not sure if its enabled. Let me know if anyone else has mentioned any issues or its just me. Im not too good with PCs. I cant see my post after submitting so im not sure if you will see this. Ill bookmark your site and check by in a couple of days for an answer. Please let me know if you know of a fix

  • Kevin Parks Says:

    Hi Trance, thanx for checking out my stuff. I am new at this but I think since the default in WordPress is to hold first time comments it may have prevented the RSS feed. I clicked the approved button so you should be able to get the feed now, Thank you for your interest and if you want an original sketch email me your snail mail address and I will send you a postcard. Please let me know if the feed still doesn’t work and I will contact WP. all for now -take care -k

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