Aug 28 2010

King Kirby

Today is my birthday, and I am honored to share it with one of my art heroes, Jack “King” Kirby. He has been written about so often I won’t bore you too much, but suffice it to say he is on most everyone’s top ten lists of greatest comic book artists ever. He had such strange and wonderful ideas about everything and could draw faster than anyone in his day. I think he was one of the first to take comics seriously enough to devote his life to it. He was also a very generous man with his time, stories are numerous of fans who would drop in on him and he would treat them all as an honored guest. He moved to Thousand Oaks (from New York) in the early seventies, about the time I discovered comics  and had I any clue the man lived so close to me I would have found my way to his studio to pour out my gratitude and admiration for so many hours of entertainment and inspiration. He died in ’94 but his legend lives on.

Here is a short clip I found on You Tube from the long out of print video “The Masters of Comic Book Art” introduced by Harlan Ellison:

Aug 20 2010

Blues Men

I was listening to some blues tunes today and I remembered these sketches -enjoy.

Aug 16 2010

Lost Boys

Finally a few stolen moments to add some more post-it sketches.