Oct 31 2010

I Fan Boy

Last Friday I took some time off to put my geek on and take in the Long Beach Comic Con where not one but 2 of my art heroes attended –Bernie Wrightson and Mike Mignola. I had a near miss with Mr. Wrightson but I did manage to meet Mr. Mignola and he is a very gracious and humble guy. He doesn’t know me from a hill of beans but there I stood geeking out and managing to have a coherent conversation. He was gracious enough to sign one of his sketchbooks for me and included a neat little doodle. I gave him one of my post-it sketches and he responded “That’s great” which made my day. -Of course I got the better end of the trade, and what a perfect Halloween post -a photo of the creator of Hellboy.

Mike Mignola Long Beach October 29, 2010

Mike's sketch