Feb 28 2011

Post-It Peeps 6

My last 3 doodles are spiritual figures, looks like I’m trying to tell myself something.

Feb 11 2011

Pencil People

My buddy Mark came up with this idea we both take a stab at designing a character he dubbed “The Pencil Master”. I took a tongue in cheek approach and imagined him as a Saturday morning cartoon / comic book type villain.

Pencil Master Character Doodles 1

Pencil Master Character Doodles 2

Feb 9 2011

Google Does Art

My friend Pete Ruiz just showed me this video and it illustrates the staggering amount of work it takes to put these Google museum projects together.

Art Project Behind the Scenes

Feb 7 2011

Love it

I was doodling away when whaddayaknow an accidental portrait of Lyle Lovett popped out of my pencil. -I love it when that happens.

Post It sketch of Lyle Lovett

Accidental Portrait of Lyle Lovett

Feb 2 2011

Orphaned Critters

Here is a sketch dump of designs that never made it to final art

Surf Doggies

California Critters

Baby Brown Bears

Cali-Surf Bears