Apr 25 2011

New Project

Recently I was approached by my new friend and writer Andres Salazar to help him realize one of his scripts into a comic book. He is a fine artist himself so I consider it an honor to be invited to work with him. I will reveal more details later but basically it is a mystical adventure story set in pre-columbian Meso-America. I hope you enjoy these early concepts and please feel free to comment.

Apr 22 2011

Good Friday

These sketches were done a few years ago for a t-shirt commissioned by a friend of mine. None of these were actually used but I seem to have lost the final art, so they will have to do for now. If anyone is interested I can post a photo of the actual shirt just leave a comment.

Apr 9 2011

Post-It Peeps 7

Here’s a group of doodles of native South American peoples I was playing with after I was invited to work on a comic book. I hope to have more to show on this idea later as it develops and if it’s cool with my writer/partner. I learned these were way off conceptually once I read the script but they still make a nice post. I hope you enjoy.