May 31 2011

Random Doodles

Just a bunch of random doodles to share today.


May 27 2011

Jeffrey Jones 1944-2011

Jeffrey Catherine Jones has died. I was checking out some of my favorite sites yesterday when I came across this on George Pratt’s site. Jeff Jones was one of my art heroes. Growing up, I like many others coming of age in the seventies saw his work everywhere but the classic art book “The Studio” changed everything for so many of us. The Studio lifted the curtain for us sheltered wanna-be’s and showed us four amazing artists in their working environment, it made us hungry to be one of them. They were modern Pre-Raphaelites or art rock stars. The studio only lasted a few years but those guys created some real magic. I loved all four of them but Jones work was closest to mine spiritually. I picked up the recent art book “Jeffrey Jones: A Life in Art” last Christmas and it was there I learned of his gender change, I thought it must have been a tough thing to go through so late in life. From what I have read he/she was quiet, humble and generous and I found that out to be true as I met him in the 90’s and showed him my sketch book. He looked at every page and quietly handed it back to me, I asked him if he had any advice and he said “keep doing what your doing”. Thank you Jeffrey for many happy viewings of your art.

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May 4 2011


I heard it’s Star Wars day today