Jul 30 2011


Two sketches for today, oldies but still fun. Still weird.


Jul 28 2011

Happy Birthday Marcel

Today is Marcel Duchamp’s birthday. Back in his day he constantly courted scandal so what better way to celebrate him than to drag out this scandalous painting I did a few years back for Fox Kids Magazine to further sully his reputation.

Duchamp's Nude descending a staircase No. 2

Eek Descending a Staircase No. 1

Jul 28 2011

Aqua Alien

I’m tryin’ to keep up the post a day thing going, -lovin’ the strange and alien.

under water? exploration


Jul 27 2011

Strange Magic

-Think I’ll keep with the strangeness for a while.

Mystic Feline Alien

Jul 26 2011


A bright spot in a pretty crummy day, this sketch came out of nowhere, and I like it.

Where did all HP Lovecraft's ideas come from?

Jul 24 2011

Post-It Peeps 10 & 11

I’ve been under a lot of pressure lately and working insane hours so my doodles have been getting pretty weird.

Post-It sketches, Drawings, PencilPost-It Sketches, Pencil, Drawings