Aug 18 2011


Here is an old painting I am still fond of that my buddy Pete scanned for me recently. It was for a multi media show I directed/art directed back in the day that went into high schools all over the USA & Canada. Pretty big production for the time, 10-projectors, 3-screens something like 15 feet tall by 45 feet wide? -can’t quite remember. This particular show dealt with how our different appetites can be our undoing if we don’t control them. We of course used U2’s “Desire” as the theme song which was still pretty new at the time. I wish I could find one of the actual posters, the title treatment on the bottom third was pretty fun. I had this printed as a Giclée recently and it turned out great.

Acrylic, painting, airbrush, snake, illustration

Illustration for Desire

Pete Ruiz, scanning, "Desire"

the master, Pete Ruiz at work


Aug 10 2011

Black Dog Days

I hate it when the black dog vexes me.

the Black Dog

Aug 9 2011


Another tentacle doodle. I think my love of the Symbolist painters is showing here.

Aug 3 2011

Mane Man

Here’s another beasty-man doodle for you viewing pleasure. -What you’ve never seen a surf-loving sea lion before?

Post-It sketch, Pencil, beast man

the Mane Man