Oct 27 2011

A Rather Large Phonotrope

How do I get their job?

Oct 24 2011

Living in the Material World

I had the pleasure of watching the Martin Scorsesi documentary on George Harrison “Living in the Material World” with one of my oldest friends. Both of us being long time fans of Harrison were not disappointed and I recommend it to anyone interested in who the man really was. As I watched, of course I had to scratch out a portrait. Cheers.

George Harrison circa early seventies

Oct 18 2011

Fall has Arrived

Now that this project has wrapped up I can show these concept sketches I created for the California Book Fair. The theme was appropriately “Fall Into Books”

What do you mean books don't grow on trees?

Reading pals.

Punkin pals.

Light Snack.

Fun with leaves.

Rake 'em up!