Nov 26 2011


This is my second stab at drawing my FB friends he’s my nephew Nick Parks but his um “nickname” is Chester. He is a really creative musician and artist now living in Portland, Oregon.


Nov 23 2011

Late Night with Amalie

I like “comfort” movies. Comfort movies are like old friends that just let you be yourself and don’t judge or guilt you out they just bring comfort and a sweet sadness that makes you feel not-so-alone. One of my favorite comfort movies is Amalie which I watched last night and so today I felt compelled to sketch her from the bit where she’s in the photo booth in the Zorro costume.

Audrey as Amalie as Zorro

Nov 14 2011

Burnt Pogens

Back in the day 2 of my best buds Mark and Jeff used to have plenty of “arty” adventures, including making arty short films on video. My favorite title was “Burnt Pogens” I was thinking of them in light of my “draw all my pals on Face Book” project and Imagined what if there was an animated documentary on the life and times of Mark & Jeff. It would have to be called Burnt Pogens, so here is my rough idea of what they would look like as animated characters. I scratched these out from memory so unfortunately I don’t have any photo reference to show, but I think I caught their spirit pretty well.

Mark & Jeff circa 1980

Nov 9 2011

RJ LaMendola

My friend and amazing photographer RJ was in the studio today so I scratched out a sketch.
If you need a fashion photographer he’s top notch so hire him before he hits the big time and you can’t afford him.
Go check out his work, there’s a link to his site on the right column under Friends.

RJ LaMendola