Les Triolets

I just came across this “rubber hose” style animation by the great Carlos Nine and his son Lucas. Carlos Nine (pronounced Neenyay) is an amazing Argentine artist who publishes most of his work via France. His work is wonderfully strange and sensual and seems to come from a different era, I really love this guys stuff.

-and check out Carlos Nine’s website too.

-also check the comments for another cartoon link sent by Lucas created by his brother, what a talented family.
-here is Lucas’ website (thanx Lucas!)

2 Responses to “Les Triolets”

  • Lucas Nine Says:

    Thanks for sharing (and the commentary).
    Carlo´s work in Les Triolets could be seen mainly in the background art and the design of the pig characters. In youtube you can find also an animated short directed by him (and animated by my brother Santiago):

  • Kevin Parks Says:

    Thank you Lucas, what a powerhouse of talent you all are. I love both you and your brothers animation you made me hungry for more Ninety Nine cartoons!. I think you folks would create a killer feature film.

    -thanx again I am honored that you left a comment on my humble blog.

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