One of my best buddies Christopher Fritschi wrote his first novel last year titled “Hero-The Unknown Territories” and asked me to design the cover. It’s a really funny and entertaining romp through familiar sword and sorcery but in his unique way Chris turns it sideways and makes the genre really fresh and fun. I had a lot on my plate but after reading the manuscript I had to take a stab at it, ultimately it didn’t work out  I didn’t quite get the imagery he had in mind and I got really bogged down with my regular clients so he had another artist complete the project but I hope to illustrate the volume for him in the future. You can find the book here and I highly recommend you not waste any time and read it today as a matter of fact you should purchase several copies to hand down to your grand children.

You can find Chris’ website here.

The sketches were some of the character concepts I liked and below them are the first few cover roughs, now go butter up Chris with compliments so he gets volume 2 written faster.

Tilgar character concepts


Dimished Tilgar in his armor


Tilgar's gauntlet




3 Responses to “Hero”

  • Mark Says:

    Fun stuff. Too bad neither of you used the image of diminished Tilgar in his armour (or some similar concept). That seems to be the heart of the story. I can certainly see not wanting to give too much away on the cover, though.

  • Mark Says:

    Okay: see, now……that bottom one didn’t finish loading, or I wouldn’t have said what I did in the previous comment.

    Dang dial-up!

  • Christopher Says:

    Thank you for the write up. I’m working on the second book and am excited to see it taking shape. Finger crossed I get this done quickly.

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