Jun 18 2012

Shroud of Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix, sketch, shroud, bandana, digital painting 


close up

My intention for this piece was to get an image of Jimi Hendrix on a bandana that felt like a holy relic for a local art show where the only theme was that the work had to include a bandana. My first thought was Jimi Hendrix was famous for wearing bandanas and is also famous in pop culture as a “guitar god” so why not give the piece a Shroud of Saint Veronica vibe.

Once I had a sketch I liked, it took four attempts to get it right. First I tried bleaching the image into the bandana, fail. Then I tried creating a transparent acrylic transfer, fail. After that I tried drawing the whole thing, bandana and all onto a sheet of archival paper, it sort of worked but did not have the spontaneity of the original sketch and definitely did not have any hint of a shroud vibe, so again fail. Finally I re-scanned the original drawing and painted it digitally and that seems to be working. It’s still not what I saw in my head but at least it is not a failure.

Jun 3 2012

Hendrix WIP

Here’s a new one I am working on for an upcoming art show. I intend to paint this on a bandana, we’ll see how this works out.

Jimi Hendrix sketch