Aug 26 2012


I’m working on a collaboration with my childhood friend, fellow artist and über Sci-Fi fan Mark Celis. We settled on a steampunk theme, I would do the drawing and he would do the finish, so here is my part and the falderal that led up to it. We’re calling him Fumo Maximus, I will post the final after Mark has his way with him. Now that the drawing is done I want to know his story.

Fumo Maximus

As promised, here is the finished piece as rendered by Mark Celis. I am very happy with his treatment. I’m thinking I want to see the adventures of Fumo Maximus, what do y’all think?

Fumo Maximus fully rendered


Max clean up sketch

Maximus rough sketch

steambot sketch page 1

steambot sketch page 2

steambot sketch page 3

steambot sketch page 4

false start #1

false start #2