Today is a sad day for me. I have to confront more personal failure. The “Economy” has finally caught up with me and I have to give up my studio of the last 5 years which I truly love and say goodbye to the guys I share it with whom I will always consider my brothers. I also will be giving up my home of the last 11 years and all that entails and on a budget of near zero. So big changes are in order over the next few weeks, but so are some good things too. I will be moving to another town to be with my youngest daughter and hopefully get a fresh start. So I’m trying to see this time not as a crash and burn but more of a re-boot. Next challenge: surviving Christmas -oye.

pencil sketch, self portrait


3 Responses to “Begendings”

  • Mark Says:

    Hang in there, bud. Always remember that there are people who are behind you and love you, and I hope you count me in the top ten at least. And when the Black dog starts barking………PLEASE say something! (Was the “Bad Dog” post your way of doing that?)

  • Julie Rowan-Zoch Says:

    Hey Kevin. I’m sorry I missed this as it posted. I hope my comment finds you in a better place, though I think, from the title you’ve given the post, you already have the right outlook! Glad you will be moving closer to your daughter (envy – mine is 5000 miles away til June). I really like all your dwarfs and elves – are you feeling inspired by the season or the Hobbit movie? I am a fan of the old animated version! Hope you find more joy over the holidays!

  • Kevin Parks Says:

    Thanx Julie. Yeah I’m ready for Kev 2 point 0 🙂
    The kernel for this idea of elves as distinct personalities came to me late last Christmas and has laid dormant in me noggin ’til Linda threw down the holiday sketch gauntlet. I first thought there is absolutely no time for this but it has actually kept me sane while my world is turning upside down. -and yes I think there is a little hobbit inspiration floating in from the shire too.

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