Pip showed up one day at Santa’s  workshop about 50 years ago and well, never left. No one knows what he does but everybody seems to like him. He’s very quiet & never says much, actually no one  can remember him ever saying a word but he seems happy enough and always smells of cinnamon.

Pip, Christmas elf, sketch, cartoon

Pip - glad your here


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  • Kevin Parks Says:

    Jeffrey Virtue via FB: Pip is that invisible glue that fixes “problems” in secret. He isn’t invisible but is always in the back of someone’s (your) visual memory. Spotted in the mind’s eye weeks later, witnesses remember seeing him repairing a heavy wooden beam way up there… fingers point… -OR- repairing an undersnow pipe way down there… fingers point… Has all manner of hand tools he made for himself in the shop yet no-one remembers when… He never seems to need ladders, stools, ropes. He is tiny and everyone suspects he’s always closer than he seems (he is) and yet calling him for Roll-Call is useless. He lives somewhere on the premises and somehow gets sustenance from the tightly-controlled Kitchen. No-one knows Where or How and quite frankly, don’t care. The Kitchen Chief, on the other hand…
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