This is Que, he is also one of Santa’s elves. He’s in charge of the tool crib but he thinks he’s the Quarter Master for the Entire Northern Division. Just humor him he’s harmless.

Christmas, Santa's elf, sketch, cartoon

Que, the "Quarter Master"

6 Responses to “Que”

  • Mark Says:

    By his shoulder-patch I surmise he might be guarding the Vatican once in a while, too.

  • Joanne Roberts Says:

    I’m really enjoying your holiday sketches. So glad I found your link over at the Sketched Out.

  • Kevin Parks Says:

    Mark, not sure the Vatican would allow him entry.

    Joanne, thank you so much, I love your steampunk stuff. I have dipped my toe in that pond too and I need to get back to it.

  • sketched out Says:

    Que is great! I’ll be happy to humor him. Elves need a lot of love and understanding, they are so misunderstood. (0;

  • Mark Says:

    Que: “You see this Candy Cane? You twist the end here, and It’s now a stun-stick, for naughty children who wake-up during presents delivery.”

  • Kevin Parks Says:

    Jeffrey Virtue via FB: Nice work bro, good counter-point to the previous ghoulk-slug. QUE, eh? I like the cross-key emblem as his shoulder-patch, designed it himself because he designs all the shoulder-patches for everyones’ uniform (except Saint Nihk, of course). In the warm hallways filled with hobbit furniture and then the undersnow passages with ladders and steps and ramps and Balrog cages, is where QUE does his finest work. He IS the QM for all of the Northern Hemisphere and owns real-estate really close to the South Pole, but can’t quite grab that piece because… there’s another.
    December 6, 2012 at 8:39pm · Like

    Kevin Parks I want you to write all my characters adventures.
    December 6, 2012 at 8:55pm · Like

    Jeffrey Virtue Well, see, there might be a problem there because of your 2% reserves and my holdings down there and both of our off-shore holdings and the political instability around… You’ll have to talk to my people in Darwin.

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