May 15 2013

Rose & Thorn

One of my paintings “Murder of One” has the honor of cover image for the latest and unfortunately, final issue of the Rose & Thorn Journal of prose and poetry. Please visit their website and wish them well in their future endeavors. They also have a facebook page.



Mixed Media, painting, crow, assemblage

Rose & Thorn Cover


posted this a while back and I imagine that is how they found me and graciously offered me a place in their last issue. They included a brief bio and artist’s statement on their website so check that out if you are interested in that sort of thing.

Thank you Alaine Benard for including me in your swan song. I wish you all the best for you and your fellow R&T staffers.



May 7 2013

Frog Prince

I finished my Frog Prince digital painting today. Pretty cut and dried. I inked one of the sketches from my May 1st. post in Manga Studio 4 and painted it in Photoshop CS3. I then added him to the logotype, created in illustrator and rendered in Photoshop.

frog prince, digital painting, cartoon frog


frog prince, digital painting, cartoon frog, storytime logo

Final Art for Storytime

May 2 2013

Grey in Black

Lately I have really missed painting. I wanted to feel the fun and sense of accomplishment of moving the paint around to form an image with textures and colors that were pleasing to my eye and hopefully someone else’s too. So I took up the challenge of painting a portrait for the Head & Shoulders group show for this coming First Friday arts celebration. Nothing big mind you (seriously this piece is the size of a business card) just something I could do for the sheer fun of it. So I grabbed this image I sketched last November and took a stab at it.

painting, acrylic/gouache, grey alien, gray alien, sci fi, portrait

MIB new recruit

What do y’all think, should I keep painting or stick to the pencil?

May 1 2013

The Prince of Frogs

Working on some frog princification.

frog prince sketch, pencil, cartoon

frog prince sketch, pencil, cartoon

frog prince sketch, pencil, cartoon

frog prince sketches, pencil, cartoon