Nov 20 2013

Beetle John

SkaDaMo day 20

Decided to stone two kills with one scribble. Doodle day challenge for today is “beetle” so here is my distortion of a perfectly good topic.

pencil sketch, portrait, John Lennon, cartoon, kevin parks art

Beetle John

With apologies to Rick Griffin & John Lennon.

Nov 19 2013

Gravy Train

SkaDaMo day 19

If you get lost on your way back to Alpha Centauri you can always pull over and ask for directions and fill up your tank. I think these erm, boys just like the cozy atmosphere of greasy spoons and truck stops, oh and thier space craft happens to run on gravy.

pencil sketch, alien, post it, cartoon, kevin parks art,

Brother can you spare some gravy?

Nov 12 2013

k man

SkaDaMo Day 12

Sorry folks, I’m really blowing it on the Skadamo front. My life is just a little too crazy right now between freelance, volunteer work, assembling my website and finding a place to live I really have to fight for any recreational drawing time. I did manage to steal some time today while indulging in my morning coffee and started scribbling and yet another self portrait popped out while I was having my own little private pity party. So here is a little doodle to take in along with my whine.

self portrait, pencil sketch, kevin parks

Looking more like Billy Connolly every day


Nov 7 2013

Mug Shot

SkaDaMo Day 7

I know, three days in and I have already resorted to a bad pun. It’s been a long day, I hope to do better tomorrow. I won’t blame you if you punt this post.

mug shot, pun, pencil sketch, post it, kevin parks art, humor,

mug shot, pun intended

Nov 6 2013


Kirk & Gorn

Gorn With the Wind

SkaDaMo Day 6
Remember that crazy Star Trek episode where Kirk had to fight the Gorn, the slow motion lizard-man? You don’t? Well go find it on the inter-webs you won’t be dissssappointed. Anyway they were both set up on this planet to fight to the death and I started wondering what the Gorn left behind to fight Kirk I mean he must have had a girl friend right? So naturally I had to draw this, a she-Gorn. Isn’t she lovely? -Live long and perspire.

Constance the Gornette, pencil sketch, star trek, kevinparks, artist, gorn

Constance the Gornette


Nov 5 2013


Well here it is day 5 and I’m just getting started sheesh. I’ve been lost in the figurative wilderness the last few days but I’ll try to keep up as much as I can. I have way to much going on this month but I’d hate to miss out on all the fun.

pencil sketch, portrait, cartoon, animated gif, kevin parks artist

The Great Skadamo