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SkaDaMo Day 12

Sorry folks, I’m really blowing it on the Skadamo front. My life is just a little too crazy right now between freelance, volunteer work, assembling my website and finding a place to live I really have to fight for any recreational drawing time. I did manage to steal some time today while indulging in my morning coffee and started scribbling and yet another self portrait popped out while I was having my own little private pity party. So here is a little doodle to take in along with my whine.

self portrait, pencil sketch, kevin parks

Looking more like Billy Connolly every day


4 Responses to “k man”

  • Julie Rowan-Zoch Says:

    Funny, I was about to pick on you today, wondering where you’ve been – doodling on some other street corner! I’ll send you some good habitat mojo, vibes, whatevs. If you’d like opinions on your site, I love to share mine (some just say I’m opinionated; I say, I’m generous!) And did you see the daily afirmation Matt shared the other day? Remember you introduced me to his stuff? If you didn’t I’ll send it to you. I’ve already adopted it myself! Think you’d really like it!

  • sketched out Says:

    It’s always good to see your doodles, no matter when or how often they come. Remember there are no rules in SkADaMo anyway. Beautiful sketch for just a stolen moment! Steal more moments!

  • Mark Celis Says:

    I think you need to go to your Islands………get it? Nyah-ha!

  • Kevin Parks Says:

    -thanx everyone for your kind comments. I found a place to land and hope to get to some sketching today.

    Julie I would love to have your input on my site. I will send you a link to the beta before it goes live (hopefully in the next few days). I would love to see that quote, not sure which Matt you are refering too. :/ could you send me the link?

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