Sep 25 2014

DareDevil Portrait

I’m working up an idea for a DareDevil portrait for my friend George as a thank you for his generosity. I haven’t decided if this will be finished in acrylics or oils yet.

DareDevil, Comic book portrait, pencil, Kevin Parks,

DD preliminary drawing

Added the background graphic. I need to fix the horns when I transfer the sketch:

DareDevil, comic book portrait, kevin parks art, pencil sketch,

almost ready to paint

I got some good feedback so I tried one more sketch to fix some rough spots such as the slightly elongated head.

DareDevil, comic book portrait, kevin parks, pencil sketch,

final sketch?

Okay one more, now I think I’m ready to paint. Funny how the simplest drawings give you the most trouble.

DareDevil, comicbook portrait, pencil sketch, kevin parks

ready to get paintin’