Oct 6 2014


So far I’ve only be able to create an ink drawing every other day so I think I will stick to that rhytym rather than play catch-up. So here are my first 3. I hope to do lots of experimenting to find what suits me best as I don’t really ink stuff that often.

Neo drawing, brush, ink, kevin parks art, #inktober

Neo from the Matrix as a cartoon character. Ink w/brush. #inktober


Skull drawing, ballpoint pen, ink, kevin parks art, #inktober

Skull, Ballpiont pen #inktober


Skull drawing, mixed media inks, kevin parks art, #inktober

Birdman, ink experiment with different inks and tools. #inktober


I pretty much blew it for Inktober got too busy with work and family but here is one more I didn’t have time to post:

kevin parks, portrait, pen and ink, homeless man, man on the street

Man on the street, experimental ink on bristol board.