Dec 7 2012


Meet Bosq, he works for Santa but he thinks Santa works for him. He handles “monetary” concerns. He is under the impression that gum drops, cookies and candy canes are legal tender. I bet he never tried to buy a house.

Santa's elf, sketch, christmas

Bosq, Christmas Financial Officer

Dec 6 2012


This is Que, he is also one of Santa’s elves. He’s in charge of the tool crib but he thinks he’s the Quarter Master for the Entire Northern Division. Just humor him he’s harmless.

Christmas, Santa's elf, sketch, cartoon

Que, the "Quarter Master"

Dec 5 2012


This is BoBo he’s an elf in Santa’s workshop.  He’s in charge of putting coal in the naughty children’s stockings. He’s also the bouncer at the annual after Christmas party. Best to stay on his good side.

BoBo, Christmas elf, sketch, bouncer, coal

BoBo the Christmas bouncer

Nov 30 2012

SkADaMo Day 30

Looks like we made it through the month. 30 days 27 posts and 32 sketches. Not bad for a first skadamo run -not a great finish but a respectable one. I wanted to say thanx to the other Skadamites for their encouragement and friendship I plan to keep tabs on you folks, it has been a good ride and I hope I can keep this momentum for a while. So speaking of which; I’m sticking with the “Dog Run” of the last few days I’ll leave you with this charming fellow.

dog, driving, car, sketch, skadamo

whadaya mean it's over? -we just got here!

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Nov 28 2012

ScADaMo Day 28

Been crazy busy this week sorry I missed yesterday, It couldn’t be helped. I gotta get the payin’ gigs out the door first. But here’s a fresh one right off the still smokin’ pencil. I just started scratching at the sketch pad and wound up with a dog in space. Yeah I have no idea either but here you go free of charge and worth every penny you paid for it.

space dog, sketch, skadamo, sci-fi

First arrival on planet K-9

Nov 26 2012

SkADaMo Day 26

Can’t seem to get to the drawing board today (truthfully I did but I can’t show anything till the project is done, but that is just between you and me) so here are 2 pages of brainstorming from a while back for a kid’s menu. Since it is the aftermath of Thanksgiving, leftovers seem apropos. I will serve up something fresher tomorrow. -ciao

cartoons, hot dogs, sketch, Skadamo, monkeys and bear

cartoons, hot dogs, sketch, Skadamo, monkey and kids

Hey there are no rules. More Skadamo here


Nov 23 2012

SkADaMo Day 23 & Illustration Friday “Whiskers”

Another double duty doodle dividing my daily drawing dose with the donation of a dwarfish dude.

sketch, whiskers, illustration friday, skadamo, beard, dwarf

Santa? Is that you?

Skadamo   Illustration Friday

Nov 22 2012

SkADaMo Day 22

Happy Thanksgiving.

I woke up with a nasty migraine and I probably will not get to see my family today so I am in a beastly mood but I did manage to find something good in a bad situation in this little scribble below. It’s all I can manage today but it’s still a sketch so yay for me. As you might have guessed I sketched this while sipping my morning java. You might also notice a slight Chris Sanders influence as I was enjoying one of his sketchbooks before bed last night, ‘guess his critters slipped in my brain during dreamtime. Hey maybe this guy gave me my headache.

beasty, coffee, sketch, skadamo

I'm a beast before my first cuppa joe


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