Dec 9 2014

DareDevil Portrait Completed

I can finally post this painting now that I have given it to my friend George at Hypno Comics as a thank-you for his generosity and all around coolitude.

I put more hours in this thing than I care to admit but it feels great to be moving paint around again. Right moving on now.

DareDevil, comic book, comics, portrait, acrylic painting, kevin parks, art,

4 x 4 inches, acrylic on wood panel.

Sep 25 2014

DareDevil Portrait

I’m working up an idea for a DareDevil portrait for my friend George as a thank you for his generosity. I haven’t decided if this will be finished in acrylics or oils yet.

DareDevil, Comic book portrait, pencil, Kevin Parks,

DD preliminary drawing

Added the background graphic. I need to fix the horns when I transfer the sketch:

DareDevil, comic book portrait, kevin parks art, pencil sketch,

almost ready to paint

I got some good feedback so I tried one more sketch to fix some rough spots such as the slightly elongated head.

DareDevil, comic book portrait, kevin parks, pencil sketch,

final sketch?

Okay one more, now I think I’m ready to paint. Funny how the simplest drawings give you the most trouble.

DareDevil, comicbook portrait, pencil sketch, kevin parks

ready to get paintin’


Aug 17 2014

To the Bat-sketch

The transfer drawing for a painting I am working on for an upcoming comic convention.

kevin parks, sketch, portrait, Batman, Adam West, painting

Transfer drawing


UPDATE: I’ve been having trouble finding the time to get back to this so I thought I’d show a little preview:

Batman, Adam West portrait, kevin parks, acrylic painting,

the process so far

Oct 27 2011

A Rather Large Phonotrope

How do I get their job?

Apr 25 2011

New Project

Recently I was approached by my new friend and writer Andres Salazar to help him realize one of his scripts into a comic book. He is a fine artist himself so I consider it an honor to be invited to work with him. I will reveal more details later but basically it is a mystical adventure story set in pre-columbian Meso-America. I hope you enjoy these early concepts and please feel free to comment.

Feb 11 2011

Pencil People

My buddy Mark came up with this idea we both take a stab at designing a character he dubbed “The Pencil Master”. I took a tongue in cheek approach and imagined him as a Saturday morning cartoon / comic book type villain.

Pencil Master Character Doodles 1

Pencil Master Character Doodles 2

Oct 31 2010

I Fan Boy

Last Friday I took some time off to put my geek on and take in the Long Beach Comic Con where not one but 2 of my art heroes attended –Bernie Wrightson and Mike Mignola. I had a near miss with Mr. Wrightson but I did manage to meet Mr. Mignola and he is a very gracious and humble guy. He doesn’t know me from a hill of beans but there I stood geeking out and managing to have a coherent conversation. He was gracious enough to sign one of his sketchbooks for me and included a neat little doodle. I gave him one of my post-it sketches and he responded “That’s great” which made my day. -Of course I got the better end of the trade, and what a perfect Halloween post -a photo of the creator of Hellboy.

Mike Mignola Long Beach October 29, 2010

Mike's sketch

Aug 28 2010

King Kirby

Today is my birthday, and I am honored to share it with one of my art heroes, Jack “King” Kirby. He has been written about so often I won’t bore you too much, but suffice it to say he is on most everyone’s top ten lists of greatest comic book artists ever. He had such strange and wonderful ideas about everything and could draw faster than anyone in his day. I think he was one of the first to take comics seriously enough to devote his life to it. He was also a very generous man with his time, stories are numerous of fans who would drop in on him and he would treat them all as an honored guest. He moved to Thousand Oaks (from New York) in the early seventies, about the time I discovered comics  and had I any clue the man lived so close to me I would have found my way to his studio to pour out my gratitude and admiration for so many hours of entertainment and inspiration. He died in ’94 but his legend lives on.

Here is a short clip I found on You Tube from the long out of print video “The Masters of Comic Book Art” introduced by Harlan Ellison: