Dec 9 2014

DareDevil Portrait Completed

I can finally post this painting now that I have given it to my friend George at Hypno Comics as a thank-you for his generosity and all around coolitude.

I put more hours in this thing than I care to admit but it feels great to be moving paint around again. Right moving on now.

DareDevil, comic book, comics, portrait, acrylic painting, kevin parks, art,

4 x 4 inches, acrylic on wood panel.

Oct 6 2014


So far I’ve only be able to create an ink drawing every other day so I think I will stick to that rhytym rather than play catch-up. So here are my first 3. I hope to do lots of experimenting to find what suits me best as I don’t really ink stuff that often.

Neo drawing, brush, ink, kevin parks art, #inktober

Neo from the Matrix as a cartoon character. Ink w/brush. #inktober


Skull drawing, ballpoint pen, ink, kevin parks art, #inktober

Skull, Ballpiont pen #inktober


Skull drawing, mixed media inks, kevin parks art, #inktober

Birdman, ink experiment with different inks and tools. #inktober


I pretty much blew it for Inktober got too busy with work and family but here is one more I didn’t have time to post:

kevin parks, portrait, pen and ink, homeless man, man on the street

Man on the street, experimental ink on bristol board.

Sep 25 2014

DareDevil Portrait

I’m working up an idea for a DareDevil portrait for my friend George as a thank you for his generosity. I haven’t decided if this will be finished in acrylics or oils yet.

DareDevil, Comic book portrait, pencil, Kevin Parks,

DD preliminary drawing

Added the background graphic. I need to fix the horns when I transfer the sketch:

DareDevil, comic book portrait, kevin parks art, pencil sketch,

almost ready to paint

I got some good feedback so I tried one more sketch to fix some rough spots such as the slightly elongated head.

DareDevil, comic book portrait, kevin parks, pencil sketch,

final sketch?

Okay one more, now I think I’m ready to paint. Funny how the simplest drawings give you the most trouble.

DareDevil, comicbook portrait, pencil sketch, kevin parks

ready to get paintin’


Aug 17 2014

To the Bat-sketch

The transfer drawing for a painting I am working on for an upcoming comic convention.

kevin parks, sketch, portrait, Batman, Adam West, painting

Transfer drawing


UPDATE: I’ve been having trouble finding the time to get back to this so I thought I’d show a little preview:

Batman, Adam West portrait, kevin parks, acrylic painting,

the process so far

Jun 4 2014

Koko el Mental

Well apologies first,  I had a very bad cold and cough the last 4 weeks really slowing me down so I kinda rushed this one to make it into a group show based on the four basic elements. This is not my best work but not my worst either, The Koko the clown character has always been a favorite of mine and I thought if I ever painted him it would have to be at least as weird as the old cartoons, so there ya go. I hope I can revisit this later and paint it up right.

portrait, Koko the clown, pencil and digital art, cartoon, mystical art, kevin parks art,

final painting

Here is the initial sketch:

portrait, Koko the clown, pencil and digital art, cartoon, mystical art, kevin parks art,

rough sketch

May 7 2013

Frog Prince

I finished my Frog Prince digital painting today. Pretty cut and dried. I inked one of the sketches from my May 1st. post in Manga Studio 4 and painted it in Photoshop CS3. I then added him to the logotype, created in illustrator and rendered in Photoshop.

frog prince, digital painting, cartoon frog


frog prince, digital painting, cartoon frog, storytime logo

Final Art for Storytime

May 2 2013

Grey in Black

Lately I have really missed painting. I wanted to feel the fun and sense of accomplishment of moving the paint around to form an image with textures and colors that were pleasing to my eye and hopefully someone else’s too. So I took up the challenge of painting a portrait for the Head & Shoulders group show for this coming First Friday arts celebration. Nothing big mind you (seriously this piece is the size of a business card) just something I could do for the sheer fun of it. So I grabbed this image I sketched last November and took a stab at it.

painting, acrylic/gouache, grey alien, gray alien, sci fi, portrait

MIB new recruit

What do y’all think, should I keep painting or stick to the pencil?

Mar 26 2013


Just trying something new

pencil sketch, fez hat, portrait of a man, color

fez hats are cool

Mar 24 2013

Mini Epiphany and Sketch Dump

Last night I sat down to create a drawing for the upcoming art show at the Stoneworks gallery in Ventura for the First Friday event. The theme this time is “Beard and Mustache”. I don’t know why but as much as I wanted to do a really special piece I just didn’t have it in me. I have been very blue and scattered these past months especially since my move but I did manage to scratch this out of my pencil:

col-erase pencil, sketch, god, man

God + man


I didn’t know what to think of this doodle but I felt it wasn’t working so I “dropped the needle” on my web browser bookmarks for inspiration and opened up this page:
Paydirt! what cool and amazing drawings by Oscar Grillo -so I grabbed my fountain pens and  just started drawing for the joy of it and let my mind wander. Here is what poured out of my pen. I hope this is the beginning of my getting back into my own skin again. I hope you like ’em as much as I did doodlin’ ’em.

satyr sketch, picassoesque, fountain pen, pen and ink, drawing

That's Mr. Satyr please

Female nude sketch, picassoesque, fountain pen, pen and ink, drawing

Hey Laaydeee

King Leer, Satyr, Female nude sketch, picassoesque, fountain pen, pen and ink, drawing

King Leer

fish and bird sketch, fountain pen, pen and ink, drawing

Bird's gotta swim, Fish gotta fry

space cat sketch, Catstronaught, fountain pen, pen and ink, drawing


head sketches, fountain pen, pen and ink, drawing

Wandered back to the "Stache"

So I didn’t get a piece for the show but I think I am finally shaking off the funk.


Mar 1 2013

Not Ready

man, long arms, surreal, pencil sketch

some days are better than others