Nov 24 2012

SkADaMo Day 24

I was gettin’ the Led out today and I thought it would be nice to ‘sit with elders of a gentle race’.

Elders of a gentle race, sketch, Skadamo, portraits

They talk of days for which they sit and wait and all will be revealed


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Aug 26 2012


I’m working on a collaboration with my childhood friend, fellow artist and über Sci-Fi fan Mark Celis. We settled on a steampunk theme, I would do the drawing and he would do the finish, so here is my part and the falderal that led up to it. We’re calling him Fumo Maximus, I will post the final after Mark has his way with him. Now that the drawing is done I want to know his story.

Fumo Maximus

As promised, here is the finished piece as rendered by Mark Celis. I am very happy with his treatment. I’m thinking I want to see the adventures of Fumo Maximus, what do y’all think?

Fumo Maximus fully rendered


Max clean up sketch

Maximus rough sketch

steambot sketch page 1

steambot sketch page 2

steambot sketch page 3

steambot sketch page 4

false start #1

false start #2

May 30 2012

Tim’s Monkey

The roots of this piece is an old spot illustration I did for MakeUp Artist Magazine back when Tim Burton first announced he was working on a remake of “Planet of the Apes” so we had a little fun speculating what that would look like. I repainted it (digitally) for an upcoming show of work inspired by Tim Burton and made a giclée canvas print and mounted it on a wood panel. I hope to snap a few photos at the show and post ’em here.

Fun with Tim's monkey business

May 26 2012

Tim Burton WIP

I’m working on something for an upcoming show so I thought I’d try to capture the stages. Does anyone recognize this guy?

original sketch, pencil 2.5" x 3.5"


Tim Burton work in progress

Stage 2: gray wash & facial rendering -Medium: AcrylaGouache


work in progress

Stage 3: lay in hair and background


Stage 4: hair rendered getting closer to finished


stage 5: finished?

Feb 25 2012

Zace’s Zombies

I recently finished Abby “Zace” Zsarnay’s new deck, we started playing with a 2012 “End of the World” theme and wound up on zombies.


We did a bunch of comps on this one trying out different ideas like an ancient Mayan skater and an alien invasion. If anyone is interested I will post them too, just leave a comment.

Jan 26 2012

Les Triolets

I just came across this “rubber hose” style animation by the great Carlos Nine and his son Lucas. Carlos Nine (pronounced Neenyay) is an amazing Argentine artist who publishes most of his work via France. His work is wonderfully strange and sensual and seems to come from a different era, I really love this guys stuff.

-and check out Carlos Nine’s website too.

-also check the comments for another cartoon link sent by Lucas created by his brother, what a talented family.
-here is Lucas’ website (thanx Lucas!)

Aug 18 2011


Here is an old painting I am still fond of that my buddy Pete scanned for me recently. It was for a multi media show I directed/art directed back in the day that went into high schools all over the USA & Canada. Pretty big production for the time, 10-projectors, 3-screens something like 15 feet tall by 45 feet wide? -can’t quite remember. This particular show dealt with how our different appetites can be our undoing if we don’t control them. We of course used U2’s “Desire” as the theme song which was still pretty new at the time. I wish I could find one of the actual posters, the title treatment on the bottom third was pretty fun. I had this printed as a Giclée recently and it turned out great.

Acrylic, painting, airbrush, snake, illustration

Illustration for Desire

Pete Ruiz, scanning, "Desire"

the master, Pete Ruiz at work


Jul 28 2011

Happy Birthday Marcel

Today is Marcel Duchamp’s birthday. Back in his day he constantly courted scandal so what better way to celebrate him than to drag out this scandalous painting I did a few years back for Fox Kids Magazine to further sully his reputation.

Duchamp's Nude descending a staircase No. 2

Eek Descending a Staircase No. 1

Apr 22 2011

Good Friday

These sketches were done a few years ago for a t-shirt commissioned by a friend of mine. None of these were actually used but I seem to have lost the final art, so they will have to do for now. If anyone is interested I can post a photo of the actual shirt just leave a comment.

Feb 2 2011

Orphaned Critters

Here is a sketch dump of designs that never made it to final art

Surf Doggies

California Critters

Baby Brown Bears

Cali-Surf Bears